Beesley International Inc.

We entered the new millennium with a rich history and a new name. We changed our name to Beesley International, Inc. in 1999 and entered the new era with a renewed focus on making a difference in our quality, our service, and our ability to improve and adapt our products in an ever changing industry. In the past sixteen years we have made modifications and improvements on almost every product we have produced. We've upgraded our steel products with galvanized coatings to withstand harsher chemical environments, we've improved our winching products to handle more weight and resist issues of corrosion and wear, and we continue to improve and enhance our materials and equipment to last longer and remain reliable through many years of use. Our goal is to always supply our customers with products that will run smoothly, endure the environment longer and keep their customers returning for more. We know the suspension equipment we provide is the backbone of the poultry house, if our equipment is not running smoothly the whole operation of the house is compromised. Beesley always strives to be the best, to lead the way in product quality and development.

Quality and innovation are important, but Service is what sets Beesley apart from all others. Beesley customers know the benefit in working with a supplier who understands the importance of providing superior service. When products are perceived to all be the same, then superior customer service must make the diff erence and Beesley service is second to none. We are always ahead of the rest when it comes to backing up the products we sell with problem solving, trouble shooting, solution oriented support on all of our products, and customer support issues. Beesley takes pride in never leaving a customer behind. We have all seen the Poultry Industry grow by leaps and bounds and Beesley International intends to be your #1 supplier in suspension hardware and poultry house specialty equipment and to continue to grow with you for many years to come.
I would personally like to say Thanks to all of our customers who have stuck with us over these many years and to say Welcome to all of you who are giving Beesley International, Inc. a chance to work with you for the very first time. We are proud to be of service to each and every one!

David Reach

President Beesley International, Inc.

Established in 1955, Hank Beesley & Associates introduced new and innovative ways of improving old technologies. Hank Beesley was an innovator, a pioneer and an entrepreneur. His creative vision and endless tenacity made a positive impact on today’s poultry industry. He personally introduced and marketed a variety of products that have become the accepted standard throughout the poultry industry. No matter where you purchase your poultry suspension equipment, chances are you have purchased products engineered and introduced to the poultry industry by Hank Beesley.

At Beesley International, we strive to maintain the same level of creative ingenuity and integrity that Hank presented throughout his career. As you read through our catalog you will notice several items marked with a "B" emblem. This emblem is a badge of honor to the spirit of innovation Hank started in 1955 and represents a true Beesley Original Design.